Meddea Holdings Inc is a boutique company in the field of real estate entrepreneurship and investment, by Anat Cohen Specht.

Since the mid-1990s, Cohen Specht has held senior management positions in the cellular and commercial markets:

In 1995, she began working at "Eurocom Cellular Communications", which was then the official distributor of Nokia to Israel and was there when the cellular revolution begun. During her 10 years at Eurocom, Cohen Specht reached the position of Commercial Manager and managed the commercial relationship with Nokia, which was 80% of the market in Israel at that time.

During her work at the Eurocom Group she completed her MBA studies at the Tel-Aviv University (Executive MBA).

From Eurocom she moved to manage the Israeli Market at "Bagir". As part of its management, Bagir's strategy was changed in the local market, and included sales not only to the Orthodox sector, but also to the institutional sector, and the business sector, including the establishment of a successful chain of stores.

Later Cohen returned to the cellular market, this time as CEO of "Dynamica Cellular", where she was credited with dramatically increasing sales cycles, through aggressive marketing moves and a change in sales mix.

In 2012, Cohen Specht was appointed CEO of "Rampl Marketing and Communications", and within four months under her management, the company doubled its sales turnover by five times and became one of the leading players in the field of parallel imports of cellular phones to Israel.

The next task she faced at the beginning of 2015 was the rehabilitation of the public company "Scailex", Samsung's mobile phone distributor, which was right after a debt settlement. Right after her appointment as CEO, Cohen Specht initiated a turnover process in the company that later became "Suny Communications", bringing in revenues of close to 250 Million $, as well as a 10-fold increase in operating profit and a surge of more than 200% in the share price.

At the beginning of 2017, she decided to leave "Suny Communications" and focus on her next exciting project: Entrepreneurship and real estate investments in the US. Today, Anat Cohen Specht is responsible for initiating the unique real estate projects of the company, in Columbus, Ohio. She is responsible for and closely supervises all stages of the process, the executive team and the management of the sales strategy.